Our Activities Workers in North Yorkshire have worked hard to seek opportunities for young people to benefit from time out in the beautiful countryside of the county. One worker tells the story of three groups of young people who all visited a bush craft activity centre. The activities that they undertake are different and fun. Each group carries their own dynamic and make some poignant observations about the significant personal benefits to their health and well-being that can be gained from time spent in nature. This news item shares a report from session 1.

Session 1

5 young people made the hour long journey, with pickups in Scarborough and Whitby, to take up an explorative taster session into bush craft skills. Though it rained most of the day customers were in good spirits and were supplied with rain ponchos and there were plenty of dry shelters and seating for the activities so customers did not get wet.


They took part in numerous activities including: learning how to make a fire using thistle heads and birch bark, using a draw knife to strip the bark from hazel wood, making a wood fired pizza, walking staffs and dream catchers.

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Two of the female customers said they wished they could live there permanently and all customers said they had a fantastic day and felt a marked improvement in their mood and wellbeing.

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One customer said she wished she could do the activity with her younger brother. They’d both been through many traumatic incidents and she thought it may help them feel closer and bond. She wished her social worker had done this activity with them.

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All customers made something to take home and voiced how they thought they would sleep well that night from having been outside in the fresh air all day and said they would definitely do the activity again.

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