As a charity, Foundation provide supported housing services for many different customer groups. Our support for customers goes way beyond handing over keys to a home, we work with individuals to move through challenges and develop the skills and networks they need to live sustainably happy lives.

The vast majority of our services are commissioned based and we often work in partnership with other organisations. In an age of funding cuts, it is vital that Foundation are able to keep their customers and their needs at the fore-front of people’s minds.

Here our Tameside team detail a recent visit from a local councillor.

‘On 16th September, Councillor John Taylor Deputy Executive Leader at Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council visited our new office hub at Ambleside.  Cllr Taylor  was impressed with Foundation’s re-branding and the fact that all parties (staff, customers and partners) contributed to the ownership and development of this.  Following his visit the team received an email where he stated, “I was pleased I could attend the Stalybridge office to meet up with Tina again to receive an update on the good work Tina and her staff are doing in Tameside in very difficult times. We are lucky in Tameside to have so many dedicated people who work so hard to help improve people’s lives”.


The visit helped the team as his kind words were recognition of our hard work and ability to embrace change and maintain high standards in response to 60% cuts to Accommodation Based Services .  It gave Foundation the opportunity to keep homelessness on the Councils agenda whilst demonstrating our innovation, creativity and continued commitment to working in partnership.’